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Meet our ai transcriptionist.
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Our range of features is continuously growing and our AI evolving. Our main goal is to help you focus on more important tasks, by saving you time and money.

Highly-accurate engine

Customise it with domain-specific words and phrases for a more accurate result. By default all transcripts are provided with time stamps.

Machine Efficient

You can have your transcripts in a matter of minutes. No need to wait hours or even days for your text. A 60 mins audio file is normally processed within 20 mins.


Not a single person will have access to your audio/video files, all transcriptions are done automatically by our AI and transferred from your location to ours using the highest available form of encryption.

Speaker identification

Automatically identify individual speakers in your audio clips, allowing you to identify customer and the support representative in a recoded customer support call, or speaker and questioners in a recorded press conference or lecture.

Built to support various use cases

Call centers, legal, marketing, video captions and anything else you need transcriptions for. It's an excellent way to search, create sentiment analysis and more.

Transcribe from Multiple Languages

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Korean. Many more languages coming soon!

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